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Established in 2011, SMAP Farms Limited has been focused on providing the much-needed input in addressing operational and strategic issues that have an impact on Cattle Breeding through the delivery of quality Breeding Service Program; Training & Capacity Building, and Total Cattle Management.

At SMAP FARMS, we do cross breed for both high yield in milk production and hardiness for local adaptation. We are your reliable partner working with various institutions at different tiers to deliver quality Dairy and beef improvements in the country.

Through our OUTREACH program, we are working with Farmers in building strong, productive relationships to an increasing percentage of cattle livestock and milk producers for the country through self-imposed standards of conduct, performance and credibility


As a breeding farm for appropriate crossbreeds and tropic genetics adaptation for the region, we leverage on our knowledge of the local environment; expert skills and technologies to help upscale milk production and total cattle management through

  1. ID and performance testing program
  2. Leveraging on technologies for dairy and beef sorted products; embryo transfer; and semen collection, to better the lot of local Farmers
  3. Support in building local capacity through participation of key stakeholders in the industry including institutions of higher learning
  4. Total cattle management; that which will include feeds and feed technology, TMR etc.

We are passionate about promoting, growing and nurturing entrepreneurship and business culture in agribusiness; and introduction of commercial concepts in the quest for economic growth in the real sector of Dairy in Nigeria

We are your final destination for cow – Fresh Milk for Life!


At SMAP Farms, we see what we do as a national Program that is aimed at promoting, growing and nurturing entrepreneurship & business culture; and introduction of commercial concepts in the quest for economic growth in Nigeria. Our main focus is to empower our target groups economically and to create sustainable businesses within the ordinary public.

Our program focuses on 3 target areas;

  1. Entrepreneurial youth who want to start their own businesses for economic empowerment
  2. Small -holder Cattle farmers with commercial concepts of farming for more productivity and output
  3. Address Social needs affecting the economic capacity of the society by putting land to better use through agribusiness promotion and creating a culture of entrepreneurship as opposed to job seeking.

We have launched our initiatives and programs at assisting budding entrepreneurs start and grow their enterprises with a sole aim of reducing poverty amongst our youth population.