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Products & Services

We have the expertise and offer services in:

  1. Breeding Bovine Service – we are a service provider with specialized skills in Breeding Services. Using modern technology, we help upgrade your cattle for higher milk production or beef yield. We encourage participation (as existing or intending cattle farmer) of small farm holders in our cattle development programs of
  • SMAP Extension Service Program (SESP)
  • SMAP Cluster Farming Program (SCFP)
  1. Training & Capacity Building – We provide training in critical areas of Cattle farming. Our approach is practical training and support for adequate knowledge and skill transfer
  2. Consultancy & Farm Management – We provide management services through reviewing existing operations and providing input for efficient production for milk or beef. We provide support in management practices for animal care in the area of nutrition, veterinary care, calving and calf management, milk handling and staff up-skilling.
  3. Cattle Equipment & Agro Inputs – From Ear Tags and Marker to LN Tanks & bovine semen, we have you covered for quality. Click here to shop
  4. SMAPLait Crossbreeds – At SMAP Farms, we not only encourage participation of individuals and groups in Dairy and Beef development but also offer high milk yielding animals for sale to Farmers in the country. Our crossbreeds are available for improved milk production and hardiness to Farmers in Nigeria. Click here to review list of available crossbreeds. You can also place a future order with us